21 May

Thai green curry

green curry

I began my culinary quest more then twenty years ago. One of my greatest passions in life will always be traveling through different countries to study their cuisine and culture. My favorite places where I have learned to cook has definitely been throughout Mexico, Morocco, and Thailand. Thailand especially because I’m such a fan of … Read More

20 May

Authentic Thai green curry paste


The first restaurant I had ever worked in served Italian fare. Or at least what I thought was Italian fare. After the first time visiting Italy I then learned the food I was cooking there was the furthest thing from Italian. It was American food.I have been very fortunate to have trained and traveled throughout … Read More

06 May

Carolina blueberry barbecue sauce


Asheville is home to some of the finest barbecue I’ve ever experienced. Not only the finest tasting slow and low cooking, but the best barbecue sauces as well. There’s everything under the sun. Chipotle this, mustard that, vinegar, honey, wet, dry, Sriracha, and basically anything else you can possibly think of. One of my favorite … Read More