18 Apr

Carolina quiche Lorraine


Easter has always translated to baked ham for me. Growing up it was baked fresh ham with pineapple rings and maraschino cherries. Since the invention of spiral cut ham, one of the greatest things ever, baking a fresh ham on Easter is a thing of the past. Now living in the Appalachian mountains. I decided … Read More

16 Apr

Hot cross buns


Hot cross buns has been an Easter tradition in my family since long before I was even born. Growing up as a child we not only looked forward to waking up Eastern morning to baskets full of candy but coming home to hot cross buns after Easter Mass. This recipe is based off the one … Read More

14 Apr

Rabbit sausage


I was raised eating homemade sausage. My Grandfather was not only a butcher but also a world class sausage maker. There was always some sort of sausage on our dinner table. Every kind you can think of from Irish bangers, kielbasa, to blood sausage. This is where I not only developed a taste for charcuterie … Read More