08 Oct

Carolina smothered salmon


Smothering, Étouffée, is a French cooking technique created by Cajun Creole people. The technique goes back hundreds of years believed to have been developed in Louisiana but has since then spread throughout the South. Smothering is a simple technique that is cooking in a covered pan over low heat with a small amount of liquid. … Read More

03 Oct

BBQ bacon ice cream


As a private Chef I respect and celebrate all aspects of gastronomy. Some of my favorite applications are sous vide, artisanal bread baking, and sculpting chocolate. Honestly though, cooking on the BBQ has always been my absolute favorite cooking technique. Nothing beats standing in front of the grill on a beautiful day. I’ve been very … Read More

30 Sep

Carolina jerk chicken


As a Private Chef my role was to accompany my clients where ever they might travel in the World. Part of the travel was aboard luxury mega yachts. It mainly consisted of summers in the Mediterranean Sea and winters cruising the Caribbean. This fortunately granted me numerous trips to one of my favorite islands of … Read More