06 May

Carolina blueberry barbecue sauce


Asheville is home to some of the finest barbecue I’ve ever experienced. Not only the finest tasting slow and low cooking, but the best barbecue sauces as well. There’s everything under the sun. Chipotle this, mustard that, vinegar, honey, wet, dry, Sriracha, and basically anything else you can possibly think of. One of my favorite … Read More

02 May

Carolina collard green cleanser


I wasn’t raised eating collard greens. I really never even knew what they were until I moved to the South. Everyone here swears on them and has their own special recipe for it. Collards are like the mascot vegetable of the South. Now I’m practically eating it everyday. It’s a very hearty tough green that’s usually … Read More

18 Apr

Carolina quiche Lorraine


Easter has always translated to baked ham for me. Growing up it was baked fresh ham with pineapple rings and maraschino cherries. Since the invention of spiral cut ham, one of the greatest things ever, baking a fresh ham on Easter is a thing of the past. Now living in the Appalachian mountains. I decided … Read More